Lemuel Rivera

Coaching Profesional


Lemuel Rivera is a Leadership & Security Expert, founder of an investment group in the Security & Logistic Industry. He has traveled through hundreds of cities around the world, training and advising thousands of people and leaders. 

The Leader: He helps other people to improve their leadership & performance through motivation, tools, resources & support. 

The High Performer: As CEO & Director Founder of Magnosec, Corp., he invests in acquiring & managing companies with the purpose to help & protect people.

The Legacy: He created the Lemuel Rivera Foundation to help people be better protected with security awareness & achieve more through leadership building. His primary focus has been to help Spanish speakers around the world. As a christian-based foundation, he also founded the initiative Acepto a Jesucristo, to bring positive messages & good leadership in this world. This initiative has over 2 million followers and reach approximately over 10 million people around the world every month, between all their networks.      

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As speaker, Lemuel offers customized presentations to fit your individuals or team's needs in security, relationships, high performance, attitude, leadership & integrity.

In addition, at your request, he will incorporate your organization’s meeting theme, mission / vision statement or build on your existing training schedule to best fit the needs of your group.